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Chicago Skyline New Day Duck Windy City Your City My City Sunrise Spring

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express - GoogleCheckout - Paypal - Cash, Check Buy Original Canvas Oil Painting or Mixed Media Painting and get Signed Art Print Poster 16x20 FREE. Free Shipping on all Art - prints, posters, paintings, drawings and photography. - Art prints, posters, photography of art - poster print, canvas prints and limited edition art prints for sale are created from contemporary original oil paintings, acrylics paintings, pastels drawings, photographs, mixed media paintings and other original artwork.

Look for amazing artwork of Chicago Skyline - Windy City - art prints posters as well as original oil paintings on large canvas of city of Chicago downtown - urban landscape, cityscape, suburbs, parks, lakes, etc...

We also have one of a kind large collection of figurative contemporary - Women - canvas oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel drawings, airbrush paintings, and mixed media paintings. Most of the canvas artwork are large paintings - 3 by 4 feet or larger, but there are some medium - 18 by 24 inches and few small - less than 24 inches on either side paintings available.

Any Poster, Print, Painting, Drawing, Canvas Print, Limited Edition Print and Art Photography Print is sold Autographed ( signed ) by the Artists, and all the original artwork comes with certificate of authenticity. Signed art prints posters are created from the original artwork using three standard sizes 8X10 - small, 16X20- medium and 20X24 - large. Larger sizes are available per request.

Photography art prints and posters are created from digital and original black and white and color photos. All photographs are carefully selected to fit the major team - botanical - flowers, floral and animals.

Canvas Prints are all limited edition prints. The edition is limited to one hundred prints on canvas and once all one hundred are sold no more canvas art prints for this item will be made. Each canvas print is autographed (signed) by the artist and numbered from one to one hundred. Each canvas print is printed on high-quality canvas and mounted on a support frame. These canvas prints can be hanged on the wall as is, or can be place it in a decorative frame to accent your home decor.

Some of the Contemporary Original Canvas Oil Paintings and Original Acrylic Paintings were created over many years and this original art has not been on display for dozens of years.

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