Introducing New Line of Product Signed Art Prints Posters.
December 29, 2008 -- is announcing new line of products - signed art prints posters. The art prints posters are signed (Autographed) by the artists and are available in three sizes: 8 by 10, 16 by 20 and 20 by 24 inches.

Original Artwork of three local artists (Chicago land area) Mikhail Onanov, Tatyana Belyavskaya and Dmitry Raguimov was selected for this signed art prints collection.

The original artwork covers various themes, styles and media, such as cityscape, urban, landscape, animals, figurative, religion and philosophy, floral and botanical, impressionism, expressionism, abstract, oil on canvas, watercolor, photography, acrylic and mixed media.

The highlight of Art Prints Etc signed art prints collection are: Chicago (Windy City) collection, which features Chicago Skyline, Downtown, Sunrise, Parks and Lakes and other urban and landscape themes and Figurative collection "Woman", which features figurative singed art prints.

Right now, this singed art prints collection is exclusively available at

Original oil paintings, airbrush paintings, mixed media paintings, not signed art prints, etc... for these three local artists can be also found on internet (,, etc...) or in local galleries.

Open edition signed art prints is a more affordable alternative for art collectors. They are more valuable than just regular art prints / posters since they are autographed by the Author, yet they do not cost as much as limited edition prints or original artwork.

ArtPrintEtc introducing new line of product home decor abstract oil paintings.
December 16, 2005 -- introducing new line of product home decor abstract oil paintings. The oil paintings are on canvas and come stretched.

We have commissioned over 100 artists worldwide who create all of our 100% Guaranteed hand painted oil on canvas copies based on the original famous Masters works. Each painting reproduction is rich with texture and full of life and color, and is sure to brighten any room in your home.

Each painting is an unique work of art on its own, and its signed by the commissioned artist. Each painting is 100% hand painted by the individual artist. Some paintings come in set of 2, 3 and 4 and are all a great addition to every home decor.

ArtPrintsEtc introducing limited edition art prints.
October 30, 2005 -- is introducing a new product line: Limited Edition Art Prints.

Have you ever wondered why people are paying premium for limited edition art prints? Well here is why: Limited edition art prints are as valuable as original art paintings, yet affordable. They are signed by the author and the quality is limited to a certain number of prints. Thus, making them desirable and very much collectable.

And now we have them for you. Signed and numbered by the famous Chicagoland Artist Mikhail Onanov. We have wide variety of limited edition art prints such as landscape, cityscape, impressionism and much more... From original created using Oil on Canvas, Watercolor and Mixed Media. In addition there are limited edition photographic prints that we now offer.

Why people buy art? Well, for the most part because this is a very good investment. The price of famous paintings is growing very rapidly and it is proved to be very secure investment even more secure than bonds and any other financial paper, yet with returns far greater than your bank account can offer. Smae is true for the limited edition art prints.

Why not do two things in one? Decorate your home and invest, at the same time, for the fraction of the price of the Original Art Paintings.