Artists Welcome

Sell with us:
  • Your artwork will be placed on our website.
  • Your artwork will be listed in shopping.
  • You will get at least one press release featuring you as an Artist.
  • You will be included in our e-mail marketing campaign.
  • You will get a separate biography page with picture of your choice.
  • You will only pay us commission if your artwork sells. There is no upfront cost.
If you would like to sell your artwork on our website please send an e-mail to us at with the following information:
  • Your full name and address. (required)
  • Your biography - you will get a separate biography page on our site (optional but recommended).
  • Picture that you would like to include on your bio page (optional).
  • Your style (impressionism, expressionism, etc...) - if not listed we will select one for you.
  • Pictures of your artwork (required) (please do not send originals):
    • Each picture has to be named with the exact name of the original you would like to sell.
    • Pictures should be about 0.5 to 1 MB each. Larger sizes are acceptable, but we will resize them accordingly.
    • Acceptable formats (anything that can be edited in photoshop) - jpeg, gif, tiff, etc...
  • Artwork description for each item submitted (must include size, media (oil, watercolor, etc), stretched or not, framed or not - if framed, then frame must be part of the picture).
  • Price information for each artwork.
We recommend submitting a list of art work with description, etc in a separate attachment (word, excel, notepad, etc...) along with the images. If e-mail restrictions do not allow all the images to be sent at once, please label each e-mail in the subject line (1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc).

Please allow us up to 1 week to review your information. If accepted, you will get an e-mail from us with further instructions (such as a release agreement allowing us to display and sell your artwork on the Internet).

If your artwork sells, we will notify you immediately. You will be responsible for shipping your artwork to the customers (there are minimum requirements - such as tracking number, insurance, etc... - this detailed information will be sent to you if you are accepted). Once customer confirms the receipt of the artwork we will pay you for it - less our commissions. At this point we can pay by check or to any paypal account (you are responsible for all paypal fees on your side of the transaction if any).

We will charge 30% commission fee upon sale of your artwork. This is the only fee we charge.

We reserve the right to reject any artwork, in which case your e-mails and files will be permanently deleted from our database.

Local artists only - If you live within an hour or so of Glenview, IL. (60026) - for a small fee we can come over and take digital pictures of your artwork ourselves (appointment required).