Dmitry Raguimov - Biography
Dmitry Raguimov - Biography

I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and right now I live in Chicago.

I've started taking photographs since I was little.

Right now I'm working mostly with flowers and I'm looking for other topics to cover.

I love taking pictures of roses since each rose is so unique and so different from all others. I think roses are like people, each has its own look and personality. If you get the shot right you get rewarded with a beautiful photograph that you will never get tired off.

I have original photographs, but mostly I do photo manipulation to create sets of prints that allow to create unbelievable atmosphere when used to decorate home or office.

If you have time let me know what you think. I paint and create art because I enjoy it so much and I feel rewarded when other people enjoying it

Here are some examples of my work - Photographic Art Prints

And my daughter loves to write kids stories, and here are her stories in Dasha's Stories Blog.