Art Print Poster - Landscape - New Day - Small

Art Print Poster - Landscape - New Day - Small
Art Print Poster - Landscape - New Day - Small
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This is an open edition signed Contemporary Autographed Art Print - New Day. The print is 8 by 10 inches. Two other sizes are available 16 by 20 and 20 by 24.

The original oil painting was created in 2003 as a part of the series of ten original oil paintings on canvas. Five of them were paintings of parks and lakes in and around city of Chicago - Windy City. The five original oil paintings are "Invitation", "Memory", "New Day", "Duck" and "Path". All five were done using a watercolor approach to better capture rainy or fogy day.

In this original oil painting I show city of Chicago it's downtown from the quite side. There is a bench or a memorial a trail or a duck on a small lake or just a branch hanging over a quite pond. Each one of these original oil paintings has an at least one object that draws attention and is a focal point of the painting even if it is all the way in the background.
I've used lots of paint so in some focal points the oil paint is as much as 1/2 inches above the surface of the canvas. This creates kind of a 3D effect. To really appreciate this original oil painting on canvas just move away from your computer and look at it at about 3 -4 feet. It works the same way with the signed Contemporary Autographed Art Print.

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