Canvas Oil Paintings
Oil Paintings on Canvas

Just select a collection of original paintings to see available original oil paintings on canvas for sale and additional information about each canvas painting.

There are landscape, women, floral, contemporary, modern, figurative, cityscape, urban and other canvas paintings in various art oil painting collections. Any oil or mixed media original contemporary painting comes autographed (signed) by the Artist accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity.

City of Chicago - Windy City - collection mostly consist of original canvas oil paintings - impressionism of urban landscape, cityscape and architecture with buildings, cars, churches, skyline, etc...

Special is collection of landscape paintings. Each landscape painting is done in such way that from a close distance it is almost impossible to tell what is on the canvas painting, but when viewed from a distance of 4-5 feet everything gets very clear, and the farther you are from the painting the more clear and sharp it is. A lot of original paintings in all collections are done the same way but in special collection it is more obvious.

Women collection has women figurative oil paintings and mixed media paintings on canvas. Most of figurative paintings are done in very unusual manner. First the canvas is covered with primer to created texture. Then a cloth is glued to the canvas and the oil painting is created on top of the cloth. However, it is done in such way that the cloth appears to be in front of the canvas (glued on top), which creates an impression of a curtain hanging in front of a women. These paintings are considered to be mixed media figurative paintings and two of them actually done using combination of airbrush and oils.

Russia collection has two canvas oil paintings. Very dramatic landscape of Chernobyl incident and Moscow urban landscape - cityscape in the winter.

Parks and Lakes collection has original landscape oil paintings of dozens of lakes and parks in and around city of Chicago - Windy City. They are done almost like watercolor (using oil paint) but with focal points highlighted with bright oil paint.

Spiritual, Religious, Places collection has original canvas oil paintings that cover very broad specter of events, landscape, places, etc... Each oil painting in this collection tells it's own story.

Framing is available at an additional cost -