Oil Paintings of Women on Canvas
Oil Paintings of Women on Canvas - Women

The first two large original canvas oil and airbrush paintings for sale in this collection were created in 2003. They were created using combination of airbrush, oil and fabric. They are considered mixed media impressionism artwork paintings.

All the original figurative canvas artwork in this collection was created by applying primer to the canvas first, to created texture and depth, then the painting was done over it. Most of them also have a fabric glued to the canvas and the painting was actually done on top of it. However, it is done in such way that the fabric appears to be glued on top of the painting (it is not). There are two other oil paintings that are created in the similar way, but using only oil paint and fabric on canvas.

This approach works well for figurative women paintings, since it has to be intimate and exquisite to work well for general home decor and it allows it to be distinguished from other paintings as Artistic Nudity.